The 5S (Plus Safety) Methodology - Set In Order

As discussed in our blog post - The 5S (Plus Safety) Methodology - we're going to be covering each "S" that makes up the methodology.

In case you missed our last blog post - we covered the first "S" - Seiri (Sort).

Today, we'll be covering the second "S" - Seiton (Set In Order).

Setting In Order can involve many things, including - but not limited to the following.

  • Making sure items are stored and arranged in a way that make them easy to access for whomever uses them most frequently.
  • Having a work area that's organized, has all tools and supplies at the ready for optimum workflow, and is safe for the operator(s).
  • There are frequent checks to assure the above two steps are complete - and always looking for ways to improve upon the current setup.

How can 5S Warehouse assist with this?  Much like the first "S" - Seiri (Sort) - the second "S" - Seiton (Set In Order) have many of the same steps.

  • Marking off areas such as "Red Tag Areas" (Items that are ready to be removed) 
  • Creating specific areas for tools, supplies, pallets, pallet jacks, tow motors, and other equipment.
  • Making sure all areas you can be and can't be are labeled.
  • Having tow motor paths clearly marked.
  • And much more!
Our Mighty Line | 5S Warehouse Tape, Angles/T's, Label Protectors, Dots/Arrows/Footprints, and Signs can help you with ALL your sorting needs!

Our next blog post will cover the third "S" - Seiso (Shine).

Until then - visit and request a sample pack today!