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5s Warehouse 5s Floor Tape Color Guide


Sorting is accomplished by removing unneeded items and leaving in place only critical items necessary to obtain optimal production.

Set things in order by using different color 5S floor tapes and floor markers to show work flow patterns, establish borders between work areas and mark the proper placement of tools, inventories, and machinery.

Your facility will shine with the proper placement – inventory, tools, and machinery identified with brightly colored Mighty Line floor tapes, markers and signs.

Standardize your optimized facility layout by photographing the properly placed flow lines, borderlines, machinery and inventory placement markers and instructional floor signs.

Use your pictures to sustain optimum facility layout and as a reference for future continuous improvement rearrangement options.


5s Warehouse Floor Tape Color Code Recommendations 

Safety 5s Yellow Floor Tape - Caution Pedestrian Aisle Ways 

Safety 5s Red Floor Tape - Emergency Exit Ways and Do Not Block

Safety 5s Green Floor Tape- Safety Related Equipment/ Raw Material Areas

Safety 5s Orange Floor Tape- Parts for Machinery Area

Safety 5s Blue Floor Tape - Work In Progress Equipment Under Repair Zone

Safety 5s Black - Finished Goods Area

Safety 5s Yellow/Black Diagonal Floor Tape - Extra Caution Areas

Safety 5s Red/ White Diagonal Floor Tape - Safety Equipment Areas 




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