The 5S (Plus Safety) Methodology - Safety

As discussed in our blog post - The 5S (Plus Safety) Methodology - we're going to be covering each "S" that makes up the methodology.

In case you missed our last blog post - we covered the fifth "S" - Shitsuke (Sustain).

Today, we'll be covering the BONUS "S" - SAFETY.

Much like the previous "S" - Shitsuke (Sustain) - Safety requires us to concentrate on and fine new ways to implement the The 5S (Plus Safety) Methodology.  The Japanese word "Kaizen" has a meaning of, "Change For The Better".  Constantly reviewing our actions and practices will allow us to ensure we're doing just that.

How can 5S Warehouse assist with this?  

  • Customized Signs detailing directions and/or descriptions of areas/items.
  • All areas taped off for organization and safety. 

When everything is clearly marked and in its proper place - your workplace is clean, organized, efficient to work within, and easier to identify issues by both regular and new staff.  And we want to assure ALL those are met!

Be sure to inspect your locations for any and all ways to improve productivity and safety - and to avoid potential hazards.  Our Mighty Line | 5S Warehouse Tape, Angles/T's, Label Protectors, Dots/Arrows/Footprints, and Signs can help you with this and ALL your standardization needs!

Until then - visit and request a sample pack today!