The Value in Mighty Line Products

might line tapeTough Tape. Easy Decision. Trust THE Mighty Line Experts.

For Mike Goecke, the owner of 5S Warehouse, the decision to carry only Mighty Line products wasn't difficult.

"It's the toughest tape there is," Goecke stated.

Mighty Line was invented specifically for industrial manufacturing and warehouse settings. Made of tough polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it resists abrasion, fading and other damage. Even if exposed to water, chemical spills, constant ultraviolet rays or other workplace hazards, it will still adhere and remain highly visible.

The tape’s low profile and beveled edges ensure it stands up to industrial brush scrubbers and forklift and truck traffic. In addition to the floor tape's tough materials, Mighty Line patented its rubber-based, peel-and-stick adhesive that leaves no permanent residue upon removal.


Mighty Line Beats Paint

Compared with paint, Goecke maintains that Mighty Line tape is not only the more durable option, but it's the less expensive option.

"Mighty Line can be placed on concrete with no preparation other than cleaning and can be removed quickly and easily with no permanent residue," he explained.

Concrete must be prepared for paint application by stripping old paint, repairing the concrete, painting, waiting for paint to dry, then sealing the concrete.

“Another advantage is that tape can be moved within the first hour if it's applied in the wrong location,” he noted. After that, the adhesive is set. Once paint is applied, there is no way to remove it without special paint removal products.

“When all the costs are considered, the only choice is tough Mighty Line tape,” Goecke said.


Mighty Line Products Are Innovative

Mighty Line’s tape, markers and signs are made of innovative materials and created using cutting-edge technology.

Mighty Line produces tape in two-inch, three-inch, four-inch and six-inch widths.

Goecke explained that Mighty Line developed the wider tape to make it easier to quickly apply it over standard two-inch paint lines. The wider tape can be applied over faded, scuffed or dirty paint lines without the extensive scrubbing and chemicals required for paint removal or the sealing required after application. All that's needed is a quick cleaning of the floor.

Industrial facilities are able to gradually introduce the use of floor tape slowly, section by section, as paint dirties or fades.

Another advantage is the wider the tape, the greater its adhesive qualities.

"With the four-inch, you have that much more surface adhesion than the two-inch," he noted.

Another innovation developed by Mighty Line is a new process that permits painting on a material that is even tougher than the PVC the company uses for floor marking stripes. No other company offers this technological advance.

"Carrying only Mighty Line products was an easy decision for 5S Warehouse. Once industrial facility managers discover how tough, bright, and versatile they are, choosing Mighty Line products is easy for them, too," Goecke said.

Try Mighty LineTM before making your decision! Click here and for a sample of 5S Warehouse’s popular Mighty LineTM floor marking tape.

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