5 Tests Mighty Line Floor Tape Passed with Flying Colors

floor tape test passedThe proof of a product is in the testing. That’s why we have standards and product data sheets and ASTM and ANSI.

Check out the Mighty LineTM product data sheet for tensile strength, adhesion, and abrasion resistance information. Below are a few of the tests Mighty LineTM has passed with flying colors.

Innovation Test

Mighty LineTM received patent US 8, 088, 480 B2 because of its revolutionary adhesive tape with “a Shore A Hardness of between 92 and 100 and a layer of adhesive material attached to a surface of the layer of polymeric material.” What that means is that Mighty LineTM is durable. You can read the entire patent information, which details how Mighty LineTM adheres to surfaces yet is easy to remove, but why not test everything?

Skid Test

Because of Mighty Line’s beveled edges, durability, and adhesion, you can run a skid over it, a test that almost all floor tapes fail. Mighty Line is up to 0.065 inches in thickness, quite a difference compared to many flimsy tapes.

Floor Scrubber Test

You clean Mighty LineTM the same way you clean your floors - with a floor scrubber. You can even run your trucks and forklifts over it. Try doing that with other tapes.

Longevity Test

Mighty LineTM floor marking tape is guaranteed for three years.

Quick & Easy Removal Test

To remove, simply use a box cutter or similar tool to score the tape and lift up the edge. Peel it away at a 90-degree angle to prevent residue. Sure beats scraping other brands or using chemicals to remove paint.

Then, there’s the Speedy Application Test, the No-Residue Test, the No-Fumes Test…but you get the drift. Besides, you’re a busy person.


Still Not Convinced?

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